Cheap Online DIY : Spin Distribute Article Distribution Service

Spin Distribute Article Syndication

It's getting harder to find sites that support spintax / spun article syndication at a low cost and let you enter the article submission data entry yourself. There currently aren't any supported Mac OSX programs to do article submission yourself like they have for Windows. So doing it over the web using Safari, FireFox or Chrome browsers is the way to get it done.
Click this link below to one of the better cheap, DIY, online article distribution service providers:

Spin Distribute Spun Article Distribution For $4

For affordable spintax article syndication, SpinDistribute offers a cheap option for 4 bucks, 2 bucks if your article isn't spun. It's online interface for article submission process is pretty good, with online previews of the content readily available to check, check, recheck your title, summary, body, author resource box. With spintax it's critical you enter flawless spun bracketed code! Spin Distribute allows TWO Body Content entries: 1 without any link in the body for conventional article sites which don't allow links, and another for some of the article and blog sites they syndicate to that do allow links in the body content.

Spinning Articles - Before Distribution

If you want to not only rewrite, but really restructure an article: SpinRewriter 7 is the smartest rewriter and spintax creator. Their Article Rewriter For Mac is very intelligent and powerful. With truly advanced content rewriting algorithms, even their 'I'm Feeling Lucky!' 1-Click rewrite mode safely spins an article yet retains high readability - in just seconds. Spin Rewriter also lets you acquire article content on nearly any topic from right inside the spinner - so if you don't already have an article for syndication, no problem! Spin Rewriter will retrieve one for you to modify and edit with ease.

Rapid Robot Article Generator - Articoolo

Need to kickstart writing your next online article or blog post? Try Articoolo's robot article writer to kick out a 100% unique article draft ready for tweaking, spinning and submission. Taking only 2 to 3 minutes to generate SEO rich text content, and a few minutes to proofread, edit and tweak to perfection, it's really helpful to article marketers. An amazing time-saver!

Article Content Writing From Expert Authors

FYI: If you do need deep, well-researched articles with SPECIFIC content requirements, check out I NEED ARTICLES! for outsourcing Premium writers and article creation to your specifications.

Other Article Distribution Sites

iSnare can be a decent way to get non-spun articles distributed for about $2. But without the ability to use spintax, you lose out on so many of the SEO and long-tail keyword targeting benefits of spun article distribution. Fiverr Article Syndication gigs can be an alternative. These days, most gigs just submit to a dozen or so of the top article directories with the most SEO value that are still around. For $5 it's not a bad deal, but as always, check the Fiverr seller's reputation and feedback to make sure they'll promptly and reliably get your articles syndicated.

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